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4641 Kingsway Street, Burnaby, BC V5H 2B3


Congratulations! You've just received a new tattoo or piercing from the trained professionals at Geronimo Tattoos. We have gone to great lengths to assure quality art work and immaculate sterilization. Now the rest is up to you!



Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:


1. Remove protective covering 2-3 hours from the time your tattoo is completed. Using your hand and a mild, unscented soap, rinse your tattoo well under warm water. Make sure any and all ink, blood and plasma is rinsed away. 


2. Do not rebandage or cover your tattoo. Allowing it to breathe will speed the healing process.


3. 24 hours from the time of your tattoo, begin moisturizing with an unscented skin moisturizer such as Lubriderm or Vaseline Intensive Care. Use this is very small amounts 2-3 times a day for the next 4-6 weeks. 


4. Be aware that your new tattoo is an open wound! Always wash your hands and tattoo before applying the lotion. DO NOT let your friends touch your new tattoo while it is healing!


5. in 4-10 days you will notice the tattoo start peeling. You will also notice it is very itchy! DO NOT SCRATCH, PICK, OR HELP THE SCAB/DEAD SKIN OFF! It will fall away when it is ready.


6. Absolutely no swimming, hot tubs, saunas or soaking in the bathtub for 30 days! Quick showers are fine but allow the tattoo to air dry 10-15 minutes before applying the lotion. 


7. It is critical that your new tattoo have no contact with the sun or other sources of UV light (ie: tanning beds, sun lamps) for 30 days. After 30 days use a sunblock with SPF 30 or higher to ensure colours stay vibrant and strong.


Any touch-ups required due to your failure to follow the above instructions will be done at your expense. We are trained professionals and although you may have friends with their own advice on how to take care of a tattoo we can only guarantee our work if these instructions are followed. 

Body Piercing Aftercare Instructions:

We offer verbal and written Aftercare information to our clients prior to and after the Piercing procedure. Each piercing has a different healing time, your piercer will discuss this with you.


Body Piercings, use saline solution on your piercing until healing is complete.  If you need further assistance, please call the studio so we can guide you in the right direction based on the body part that is healing.


Oral Piercings should be cleaned by rinsing with non-minty mouth wash after eating, kissing or smoking.

All Piercings can be assisted to heal quickly by using saline soaks. Not salt in water! Purchase saline solution and clean the area or soak the piercing once per day for the entire healing process.

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